Read what workers and hirers are saying about Red WigWam.


“Red WigWam have been really helpfully in building the Gentle-Man presence at Harvey Nichols.  As well as providing the staff for various mystery shopping trips they have also help install stands and improve our in-store positioning.  They have been proactive, helpful and really easy to deal with.”

Paul Byrne, CEO


” We have now used Red WigWam to help us source workers across a range of jobs.  We always find them helpful and good to deal with and they have provided us with a number of excellent outcomes.”

Toni Anthony, Client & Operations Manager

businesses_tacticalsolutions“We have used Red WigWam to help us source workers in some very difficult to fill locations.  So far we have been very pleased with the outcomes and have found working with them both helpful and enjoyable.”

Lee Chambers, Business Unit Controller

 MindsEye_Logo“I run a small but healthy consultancy, my aspirations are to grow slowly but surely and make my business less about me but more about our services and solutions.

So my conundrum – how do I expand without overexposing myself commercially by employing FTE’s???? Equally, morally I don’t wish to be awake at night knowing I may have to let someone go if it doesn’t work.

Solution – Red WigWam.

Not only can I write the jobs description and sense check the candidates, but I can pay by the hour, by the day, by the week, by the month!

All the vetting is done for me, all the tax, NI, holiday pay is done for me as well as Red Wig Wam paying the employee! Perfect!

Just go on line type in what you want, when you want it, what you want to pay and whalla! Red WigWam deliver the person, and I pay the invoice.

I am so impressed with the service, the system, and the process, it really could not be easier, just like shopping on line! In fact so impressed with the candidate they gave me I am looking to take them on as the service has given me time to test their skill set and then given me the confidence to sell the services further. I have gained more business to secure candidate number one permanently and now I am shopping for candidate number 2!

Oh and key thing, what a bargain! No heavy hidden fees, just an upfront open charge which also enables me to quote effectively for new business! What more could you want!

Question? Why is this not taking the UK by storm? Little hidden gem in my view regardless of being a huge corporate Plc needing a flexible workforce or a small but ambitious consultancy such as mine, Red WigWam is simply a no brainer!

Thanks to all at Red WigWam you now feature in my growth strategy for the future!”

Debbie Nedza

Owner Director at Mindseye Consulting Ltd

OGarras-Leeds-UK“Red WigWam has been a valuable temporary recruitment agency that has delivered a fast and effective service for us. Whether it’s been providing cover for just an hour, a week or month, they have always delivered fully vetted workers that are relevant to the role and a good fit for our company.

The online booking platform is really easy to navigate – you just detail the skills and experience required for the role along with the hours and rate of pay. Red WigWam will then match your job to the right people.

The costs are clear and upfront, and they sort out the worker’s pay, NI and holiday pay, so it’s one less thing to worry about.

Red WigWam recently provided us cover for a short-term receptionist position. It was really convenient for us as the worker matched the skills and experience we were looking for as per our description on Red WigWam.

We have no concerns in promoting their unique website to people in need of work, but also to employers who require temporary staff as their ease of use and level of service is second to none.”

Sean Smith, Partner

Worker Testimonal – Matt

“As a student, money can be tight, but it can be equally as hard to find a job that fits around studies.  This was especially true for me, as I’m studying Dentistry, which is very different to other university courses. It is normal for me to be in University most days of the week, whereas other courses have as little as 10 hours of tuition per week. This April, Red WigWam were at a local jobs event at my University, the University of Liverpool, promoting their website. They explained to me that you can work as little or as much as you want per week and that they had many jobs in the local area. Since I signed up I have completed several for them and the best part for me is that they pay you directly, and really quickly. 

My first role, shortly after signing up, was a mystery shop in a Tesco store local to me. I was emailed a brief with some information and a product that they wanted me to buy. They paid me for my time, as well as the product – which I got to keep as well. Even better, the product was Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire puddings (yum!). It only took me a couple of minutes, and I was paid within a few days. All you need to do is submit your timesheet online, to say how long you have worked for and if there were any expenses involved, such as the product purchase. This was really quick and easy to do.

Since then, I have completed other mystery shops in Harvey Nichols for The Gentle-man Range: a luxury Men’s fragrance and health/beauty range. Again, this was great as I got paid for my time, the products and then got to keep the products, which are really great quality. 

I have also completed some home based ad-hoc work for an executive personal assistant. Initially this began as 2 hours of phone calls per week, on behalf of a local car garage. Since then, I have completed many one-off projects as well as other ongoing weekly or bi-weekly work. This has helped bring in a steady flow of income and what’s not to like about being able to work from home in your free time!

So why not sign up to Red WigWam today, you won’t regret it!”

Worker Testimonial – Keith

“I’m semi-retired, but I still enjoy contact with business. Red WigWam offered me the flexibility to apply my career experience to appropriate temporary roles at a time that suited me.

It’s very straightforward. You just register on their website, tell them a bit about yourself, then sit back and relax! You don’t need to keep checking the site for new jobs as they’ll email or text you when a suitable job match has been made, and when you are matched, you either accept or reject the job. Any online reporting is easy to complete and payments are received within seven working days.”

The-Smart-PA-Website-Logo1“As an established company for remote personal assistance and business support services, Sarah Olsen VPA has been rapidly expanding in 2015 in the area of local business support and has therefore needed to quickly grow their workforce to meet demand. Red Wigwam’s incredible approach to matching local candidates to jobs is the quickest, most efficient and results-focused approach we have ever seen and is a perfect partnership for the company.

We have now been working with Kate and the team at Red Wigwam for several months. Following an introduction to one of the senior managers, we identified a mutually beneficial partnership to identify and supply high quality candidates for established companies across the North West offering local, flexible business support.

Key benefits for our company in using the services of Red Wigwam include their brilliant “matching” database, much like a dating site, producing results within a couple of hours as opposed to the traditional couple of weeks. In addition, having a dedicated account manager for regular communication and support throughout the process has taken the time-burden out of the recruitment process. Our account manager helps with job posting, matching, conducting first interviews and arranging a second interview with our company so that we can concentrate on growing the business while Red Wigwam help select the best candidates.

We are confident that Sarah Olsen VPA will continue to enjoy a successful partnership with Red Wigwam going forwards.”

Sarah Olsen Founder of Sarah Olsen VPA & Business Support Services

Worker Testimonial – Karl 

Hi there. I have found your site/services to be of great value to me and I have now found a full time permanent job. 


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