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Be Part of an Employment Revolution

Did you know there are over four and a half million people in the UK who work in temporary or part-time jobs by choice? That covers students who want to get some experience and earn some extra cash; mums who want to work around their children’s school hours; recently retired people who don’t want to stop just yet and loads of other people who just want to make more of their time.

At Red WigWam we are revolutionising how those of you hiring temporary staff and those of you looking for part-time jobs can find each other.

Hirers simply post a job outlining what you are looking for. Workers register and let us know what you are good at. Jobs are then matched on a first come first served basis based on location, time available and skills. Workers can accept or reject and wait for the next one to come along. It’s as easy as that.

Hirers love that we take care of all the messy stuff like vetting, validating and payroll. And workers love that we pay you within a week.

Think of us as a match-making website but for work.

So if you are hiring or working, that’s a revolution worth signing up to!

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