10 Reasons to Take a Temporary Job


Experience is vital when looking for future employment, it sets you apart from the rest of the applicants that don’t possess it and it may even get you the job over someone with superior qualifications.


A temporary job is perfect for students or people with children as, due to their typical nature as zero hour contracts, allow you to pick and choose when you want to work. This means that you can still get the multitude of benefits of a temporary job whilst still maintaining your lifestyle.

Temporary can become permanent

When taking a temporary job it could be for numerous reasons, if it is after a long period of unemployment it could be a great chance to excel. By showing your on a temporary basis you could then prove to employers that you’re worth taking on full time.

It can give you insight into the career

This is particularly relevant to students, taking a temporary job or an internship is a great way of being sure you’re happy to take this career path and it allows you to learn the ins and outs of the business.

Pick up new skills

A temporary job will allow you to learn more skills which can then further benefit you in the long run and bulk up your CV even further.


A temporary job can give you the ability to talk to and access a series of people that could help you further your career in the future. Building up a good network is vital in any given field and so it’s best to make as many contacts as possible, temping being a great opportunity for that.


A temporary job allows you to earn quick and easy income as and when you need it due to the flexibility offered and freedom of being able to pick and choose your own hours.


If experiencing unemployment or even long term unemployment a temporary job can prevent you from stagnating and will allow you to motivate yourself to get back into the labour force.

Having a job is better than not

Even if only part time a temporary job can allow you to build your future career even if it’s little by little and this job could lead to a more permanent solution as a result of the skills gained.

More attractive to employers

Both in the sense that temporary employees cost less and so are more desirable to employers but also because with the skills gained you are better equipped for future jobs in that field if you have experience.

Written by Elliott Horsburgh


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