Revolutionising the Way Short Term Recruitment Works

Ever needed someone for urgent, ad hoc, short-term work but the thought of creating a job description, paying for advertisement and engaging with a recruitment company puts you off? Maybe you don’t want to commit to hiring a worker or spend too much time sorting out payroll.

Short-term recruitment has now become a lot simpler.

Red WigWam is revolutionising the way short-term recruitment works by making it faster, cheaper and easier for hirers to connect directly with workers via a fully automated online booking platform.

They are tapping into the huge growth in the temporary recruitment market and recognising the 4million people in the UK who want to work in temporary jobs in order to suit their lifestyle.

Once the hirer lists their job requirements on the platform such as skill set, location and job length by the hour, day or week the system matches them up to a pre-rated, vetted and validated worker.

Jobs are posted completely free of charge with payment only necessary once the job has been completed, enabling hirers to respond to urgent and irregular staffing requirements to get the desired workers straight away.

Red WigWam employs all staff so hirers don’t have to and essentially cuts out the middleman’s finding and hiring agency fees. All invoices are electronically issued directly to the hirer with PAYE and holiday pay included, meaning less hassle for all involved.

Isn’t it time you joined the short-term recruitment revolution? Register as a hirer and start to reap the benefits of this automated platform.

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