Looking to Temp in a new Field?

At Red WigWam we provide the opportunity for individuals and employers to connect to fulfill temporary job opportunities.  One of the sectors we think this is particularly relevant for is Field Marketing.
Now, before we look at why this area is growing and presents opportunities for both people who are looking for temp work and employers in the Field Marketing sector, lets take a minor diversion.  It is not that long ago that I didn’t have a clue what Field Marketing, or Field Sales as it also known, was.  In fact, if I’m honest, I am not sure I ever really considered that such a discipline existed.  When I went to the supermarket for my weekly shop, I was always thankful my favourite products were on display and assumed that the staff in the store were responsible for making sure that was the case.
As it happens, that isn’t always true.  Often it is the brand owners themselves who make sure that their products are on the shelves, are prominent and that the right offers are being made.  They employ people, or agencies, to go in, negotiate time with the store manager and then re-stock product, re-order the stock, put up displays or marketing material or whatever else it takes to make sure we get what we really want to buy in our baskets.  So we should all be hugely thankful to both the people and the businesses that do this excellent job.

From a business point of view, why is temporary resource important in the Field Marketing world?  First of all, there is often a short-term requirement to cover a high volume of stores.  For example, a brand will need a new product, or new promotion, in-store very quickly and companies find it hard to flex their existing team to step out of planned work to meet this new requirement.  Other examples can be poor availability of a product that has been popular and needs to get into store quickly or at the other end, a product recall, where products need to come off the shelf very quickly.

In addition, temp resource is often used to support seasonal peaks where additional help is needed in-store to replenish shelves.  For example, Guinness on St Patricks day, Cadbury’s mini-eggs at Easter or Coke promotions during the World Cup.  In short, the opportunity is to buy the labour you need for the period you need it without having to employ a team full-time.  This creates a balance of short term versus permanent staff and provides availability when needed.

What about from an individual’s perspective, why is Field Marketing a good area to work in as a temp?  Firstly, it is a great opportunity to work flexibly.  While some activities are day or time specific, others can be completed over a period of time, a couple of days for example, and can be fitted around other life needs, such as looking after children.  The work is very regular and can be extremely interesting and varied.  One day you could be putting up some marketing material in-store, the next merchandising products to drive availability and after that mystery shopping or working on a product recall.

In general, you are paid for for time spent in-store, often with incentives for doing a good job.  Time can be as low as half an hour in one store to a full day across a range of stores.  This creates an ability to work the hours you want.  You can maximise your time and money.  And it doesn’t just have to be a job in a supermarket, there are various sectors to suit you – supermarkets, high street, convenience, cash & carry, out of town sheds and so on.

It is a job with a great deal of social interaction as you are working with people in stores and these are people who are pleased to see you – you are helping them and saving them time.  It is also an area where you can make a real difference, something that temps often feel they miss out on.  This is a challenging sector, often manned by unreliable people who don’t turn up, don’t tell the client what is going on and don’t send results in.  So when there is a reliable temp they can make a real difference.  It is a sector where the better job you do, the higher grading you get and the more work you get offered as you are trusted to do a good job.

Feedback and results are key for brands and agencies.  You can keep the client aware of what’s happening in-store; you are there and they aren’t.  You can let them know when there is no stock available or materials have not arrived for example.  Sharing issues is important and helps them get to the root of any concerns.  In addition, getting results in on time is vital.  That way, the client gets to see impact made and pays on results – which benefits the agency as well.

So from both an employer and employee perspective, Field Marketing presents are real opportunity for temps and is a job worth looking at.


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