Using Social Media to Find Work

Social media has become ingrained within our lives, whether it’s sharing photos from your night out with friends, following your favourite celebrities or updating everyone with your travel expeditions, it’s a revolutionary way of communicating. But, did you think about using it to land yourself a job?

Many students struggle during university to pay the rent, weekly shopping bills and fund the legendary nights out, so most start to think about getting a temporary part-time job. You and the other hundreds of thousands students competing for the same roles may find you need to be the first in the know when vacancies become available. Then there’s the daunting and arduous task of obtaining your dream profession after you’ve completed your degree.
So, how can you make sure that you’re the first one to know about that role? Get on that social media account!
1. Twitter
rww twitter copy
  • Search for hashtags such as #jobs and #hiring and it should result in an abundance of tweeting companies who are seeking employees.  Also use the search bar for this as the hashtag may be phased out soon!
  • Follow companies that you are interested in and don’t be scared of tweeting to them. Just make sure that 140 character space counts for something!
  • Tweet often about topics that interest you.
  • Show your personality when tweeting, but remember to remain professional. You don’t want a potential employer to be offended by a controversial observation, thus adding you to the ‘no’ pile.
2. Facebook
  • ‘Like’ companies pages as you will receive daily updates from them.
  • Make sure your privacy settings are up-to-date so you know exactly who can see what. It’s a good idea to set your work and education information to public.
  • Facebook has added a Professional Skills portion, so use it to your advantage so as to optimise your professional appeal.
3. Pinterest
  • Pin your CV to a Pinterest board as you can add photos and links to highlight your experience. This should really help you stand out from the crowd.
4. LinkedIn
  • Connect to people who have the careers in the field you are interested in, and this is fine if you don’t know them, as everyone is looking for networking opportunities.
  • Look on the jobs board to see what roles are available.
  • Try to get as many recommendations from your peers posted on your profile.
  • Get active in sharing articles or content as it proves your knowledge in the industry you are trying to find work in.
  • List all your work history in detail as this will make you look much more hireable.
Social media is here to stay and our online profiles are becoming an increasingly crucial part of the recruitment process. By making sure you use networking sites with an accurate professional profile, you’ll be one step ahead of the rest and ready to bag that job.

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